Supported TLDs (gTLDs and ccTLDs)

RoboWhois WHOIS API recognizes all existing TLDs, but we currently support only those TLDs with a public WHOIS interface.

RoboWhois currently support the following TLDs.

gTLDs and ccTLDs
Not all TLDs listed above are **fully supported**. A TLD is fully supported by RoboWhois when we are able to parse all response properties, such as registrant, expiration and creation dates, nameservers, etc. For instance, you might find we currently don't provide contact details for a TLD even if the original response contains them. But there's a good news. It's all about time. We're constantly improving our algorithm in order to reach the full support for all domains listed above. Even with limited support, **we always return creation and registration dates, availability and nameserver**, as long as the original WHOIS record includes these details. Please [contact us]( if you have specific requirements and we'll try to increase the development priority of a specific parser.

New gTLDs


Thin registries

RoboWhois currently supports the following thin registries.

Last update February 2014.