Important: RoboWhois has been discontinued and will be closed.

RoboWhois is a cloud-based web service that provides a RESTful API to access WHOIS records and domain related information with a unified, consistent interface.

Using RoboWhois domain API you can:

  • Check domain availability for any supported TLD
  • Lookup WHOIS information for a domain or IP
  • Access WHOIS data using a consistent HTTP-based interface
  • Retrieve WHOIS details parsed as convenient JSON structure

RoboWhois is awesome. Quite simply, it's the best whois API that I've ever used.

James Wilding, Developer of Pocket Whois for iPhone

RoboWhois literally saved the day for They provide access to notoriously tricky to process data via a single simple JSON call, making our job turn from a headache into a great experience.

Darrin Demchuk, Founder of

RoboWhois works great. It took us 2 days to integrate into our systems and the results are quick and reliable.

Steve Million, Director of IT, Vizergy